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Ravel unlocks your imagination with thousands of trips made by real travelers like you

Find a starting point for your trip or build from scratch. No more endless searching and hours of planning for your travels.

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Why Ravel

Built by travelers,
for travelers

Ravel is the first tool for easing the trip planning process by eliminating the need to spend hours reading material - it gets straight to the point and we do all the heavy lifting. 

By suggesting trips already created by other travelers and tailored to you, it's super easy to create your next travel adventure and seamlessly share your experience with friends on the go.

Discover Trips

Browse and search an ever-growing collection of exciting and unique trips, custom built by travelers like you from all over the world. Find something that inspires you? Take it as your own and start planning!

Customize your Trip

By using someone else's itinerary as a starting point or building your from scratch, you can easily design your dream trip in our visual trip planning tool. Book with your favorite platforms and watch as your plan fills up! Manage your past and upcoming trips all in one place.

Share your Experience

Journal memories each day for others to virtually join you on  your journey. Become a travel agent by sharing your amazing trips as guides for others to follow in your footsteps. Be sure to leave tips and tricks!

Streamline your travel planning with Ravel


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